The gax training pass

  1. What: A very long informal group run of 56+ km.

    When: 08:00, Saturday 2 February 2019.

    Where: Start and finish at the Central Train Station in Malmö, southern Sweden.

    How: You are capable of so much more than you know you are.

    Who: You.

    Why: Some running is good, more is better, and too much is just enough.

    Inspiration: Full Monty.

    Fee: Not - but if you like the idea, please visit Swedish Committe for Afghanistan.

    Prizes: The pride of running all day.

    Register: E-mail me (name, town and web site).

    Water: Will be available on a few different occasions. Long coffee & food breaks

    Service stations: Café and bathroom will be available at a few different occasions.

    Support: You can have any support, pacer or friends you like.

    DNF: Not - all runners are finishers with accomplished kilometers.

    Map: We will run together, guides will guide you the right way all day. About 9 hours.

    Route: A very scenic route.

    Qualification: Just the joy to run far.

    Equipment: You might need a bit of gear and clothes.

    Accomodation: There are many Youth Hostels as well as both cheap and expensive hotels.

    Shower: Not made available by organization.

    Getting there: The start is at a a very central hub with many bus and train options.

    Rules: Cheating or littering is not allowed. To help a fellow runner is mandatory.

    Weather: Might be the coldest day of the year, might be minus 15 °C and heaps of snow.

    Animals: Elk, fox, stoat, corn snake, lama, harbour porpoise etc. have been seen during gax.

    Dangers: Fatigue and cold. But we will take care of you.

    Force majeure: Does not apply unless there is less than one participant.

    Miscallenous: Social run - a lot of talking and "fika". Speed will be slow and suit everybody.

    Questions: stefanphonsavan (a)

    Race Director: Stefan Samuelsson.

  2. Löpning
  3. 56,00 km
  4. 2 februari 2019
  5. Stefan Samuelsson
  7. 100% ospecificerat
  8. Malmö, Malmö, Skåne, Sverige
  9. Fredrik Lähnn LMM, Fjelie