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Vinadry is new rookie with super-luxurious design

Hà N?i
26 april 2019 - 09:13
Faster than anticipated, Vinadry has re-emerged a new rookie when the heat of popular products like Vinadry GP902 has not cooled down yet. The new model also has the design of Vinadry and promises to bring users new experiences.

Vinadry GP941 is the name of this new rookie. It stands out with a darker design than other models. The bell-shaped winch was not maintained by Vinadry, instead it had a rather solid cylinder.

And of course, following the super luxurious designs of Vinadry, GP941 is also taken care of quite a bit of appearance when it is adorned with many eye-catching motifs.

The parts that Vinadry continues to improve in this new rookie are the brake parts in the winch, the bolts, the guide so that they operate more smoothly and smoothly. Make sure the user does not feel heavy when turning the crank even after hanging on the bar.

The clothes drying feature of the old models was already too perfect, so in this new rookie Vinadry did not raise the exposure limit but still kept in a massive 60kg volume and designed 2 drying bars with 80 holes of optimal drying holes.

This new rookie of Vinadry promises to become a new consumer trend in the 2019 drying market market. Hundreds of them are not equal to see, you should visit Vinadry.com to see this product.
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