Reasons to Perform Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

Knee arthroscopy is a surgical treatment which helps in diagnosing and treating the issue of the knee joint. In the surgery, a small incision is made and through that, a camera is inserted which helps in seeing the inside of the knee.

Here we have mentioned some reasons in which knee arthroscopy is helpful.

• Lateral release

The kneecap moves in up and down position at the end of the thigh bone which is in a groove of cartilage. The kneecap might get dislocate from the groove or it might get pulled outside the cartilage. With this, the patient will suffer from knee pain while bending the knee joint. To loosen the ligaments a lateral release is very helpful as it helps in pulling the knee towards the outside of the groove. If you are facing problem then you should consult the doctor about arthroscopy surgery.

• Pilica excision

When the knee is developed, they are divided into different compartments. During that phase, there might have been pilica left which is basically a tissue. Additionally, with time, the compartments are lost gradually but sometimes some remnant is left there. As they become more prominent it takes the shape of pilica. When it is aggravated it is developed into pilica syndrome. In this also this surgery is very helpful in removing the remaining tissue.

• Autologous chondrocyte implantation

During the transfer of cartilage, the cartilage is moved from the joint which is healthy so that it can be transferred to the damaged part. The parts which are removed are small plugs along with the underlying portion of bone and then it is transferred to the part which is damaged. From those areas, the plugs are taken where there is no need of cartilage surface.

ACL reconstruction

For knee stability, the ACL is a very critical part as it is one of the important components of knee ligaments. People who have injured their ACL mostly complain about not functioning properly. To effectively solve the issue, surgical treatment is the best option. Additionally, in most of the cases, the surgery for ACL is performed with arthroscopy.

• Microfracture

The treatment of microfracture is helpful in stimulating the body so that it can grow the cartilage on that area which has damaged cartilage. In this procedure, the outer layer of the bone is penetrated so that it can expose the bones inner layer where the marrow cells exist. The area of cartilage is filled as the cells will access the damaged area.

• Meniscus Repair

The meniscus which is damaged this procedure is helpful in repairing that part. With the normal functioning of the knee will come back and chances are very successful if you choose the best surgeon. But the recovery process is longer as blood supply is not adequate in this part. So, for that, this surgery is very helpful in treating the problem effectively.

Make sure you consult the doctor as early as possible so that they can tell you about the entire process and start the treatment. The results are best if you take proper care and follow the doctor advise.

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