Kvinnor springer inte i Paris?

Nästa vecka reser jag till Paris för att arbeta i två veckor. Det är mitt tredje vårbesök i Paris. Jag sprang ett riktigt långpass i Paris ifjol i sällskap, men i år reser jag för att arbeta och är således ensam. När jag googlar löpområden ramlar jag över något som jag minns från mitt första besök i Paris (då jag inte hade med mig löparskorna): kvinnor springer inte ensamma i Paris. Kvinnor svettas inte offentligt i Frankrike, påstod någon. Sidan "Running i Paris" beskriver det så här: 

Special tips for female runners

Female runners might be a little startled when running from Paris. This is why. Most Parisian women don’t run. Female runners on the streets of Paris don’t make sense. So they get stared at. They get laughed at. They get spoken at. If this happens to you, don’t worry. It’s not you. It’s them. Running in Paris is by no means dangerous for a lone female. Just put on your mean face and ignore any commentary. Your personal space most likely will not get violated, so there’s not much to worry about. If you still get the heebie jeebies from some weird French dude giving you the wrong kind of compliment, here are some ways to avoid them:

  • Run amongst fellow runners. The sporty Parisians hang at the locations mentioned above. You’re one of them, so they’ll leave you alone.
  • Take the metro or ride the bike to your running destination instead of running there.
  • Run with a friend.
  • Run early in the morning before anyone is awake.
  • Feign deafness if you run into unwanted comments or stares.
  • Keep running. You might be challenged to strop and give someone a piece of your mind if you hear something inappropriate. But it’s really not worth it. Finish your workout and channel your anger towards devouring a delicious French pasty afterwards. 
  • http://www.bootsnall.com/articles/09-10/running-in-paris-a-guide-to-scenic-trails-and-special-advice-for-the-city.html

The running mom skriver:

Being a woman running alone, men had no problem stopping whatever they were doing to stare at me as I ran by.  I occasionally get some looks when I run in my neighborhood from the construction guys or men in cars driving by, but men here can be a little bit more subtle.  Not so much in Europe (Rome was even worse!).  The men emptying the garbage cans on the street would always completely stop what they were doing and just stare.  I actually found it pretty humorous.  One man said, “bon courage” (which means “good luck”) to me while I ran along with a sly little smile.  Fun times. http://the-running-mom.com/2011/07/part-2-running-in-paris/

Att jag år 2013 ens ska behöver reflektera över huruvida det är socialt accepterat för mig att springa på gatorna i Paris är tröttsamt och nedslående. Är det någon som har några erfarenheter? Är det så här illa?

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