How to start training?

You have decided, you’re going to start training (more). This can be a big step and can need some guidance. What to do and what not?

Climb sportIt’s very common that people get enthusiastic and start directly at the top, train a lot, run 5 km. at once  when you haven’t run in ages… It usually ends up from a blast of training and ends quite soon. For example, if you try to run a specific distance without any break,  you get tired soon and think you can’t do it. It makes you disappointed and you miss to enjoy it. Another example is with weight loss. You start training and decrease the amount of food you eat. This will not get you any long lasting result, because you can’t do this forever.

So what is recommended to do?

Take it easy. Make clear for yourself what you want to accomplish. Than take it step by step.

The most common goal is to get a healthier lifestyle, start training, eat well etc. If you’re untrained, start with taking a walk every day. Use your lunch time or evenings for this. You gain 2 positive effects from this: 1) bring your body in action 2) fresh air (hopefully D-vitamin from the sun too).

Weight trainingWhen you’re used after a week or so, get some more speed in your walks. When you’re walking, start thinking about an additional training form you might like. Some like to train in groups; find a gym that is close to you. Some like to train individually, you can do work-outs at home (or get a Zumba-dvd, very effective and fun!). And others like to swim. Whatever you like, plan in 2 exercise per week to start with.

It helps a lot in motivation to write down what you do. Find yourself different motivation tools, for example mobile applications that track your training. What you also should start doing is writing down everything you eat and drink. I promise you, this is an eye opener. Especially when you turn this around in calories. There are great apps and websites available where you can write you eating behavior. Use it!

Are you feeling the energy? After some more weeks, plan an another day of training.  Try to combine cardio (running, cycling, swimming) with strength (core, functional training, weights) for the best result.

The most important thing is that you enjoy being active, enjoy taking care of yourself. Don’t push it to hard, but increase your activities step by step. On top of that, drink enough water (you don’t have to drink a lot, but enough) and very important: get enough of sleep. Sleep gives you energy and your body is recovering from the daily pressures.

Good luck! Everyone can do it, don’t forget that. And remember, contact me for more specific help.

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